Poster and Oral presentations

7 - 9 November 2019. Catoira - Pontevedra (Spain)

Oral presentations

  • Each speaker will have 8 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for discussion.
  • It is required to have the document in a USB memory and hand it to the secretary of the Conference so it could be ready for the intervention.
  • The Scientific Committee will inform the speaker about the exact day for delivering the presentation (Session I: Friday 8 November 19:30-20:30h. or Session II: Saturday, 9 November 13:30-14:30h).
  • A certificate of each oral presentation will be issued (maximum 5 copies per presentation).
  • Each congress person will be allowed to vote for the favorite PRESENTATION (one vote per attendee). The three most voted presentations will be awarded with 200, 150 and 125 Euros respectively (minus applicable taxes).



  • Will be exhibited in authorized areas
  • The exhibition must be available from Friday 8 November in paper form
  • Templates for posters can be found on the official website of the Conference. Layout, fonts, font size and image must be respected. It is only necessary to download it and fill in the required field.
  • Each congressperson will be eligible to vote one favorite POSTER. The three most voted posters will be awarded with 150, 125 and 100 Euros respectively (minus applicable taxes

The prizes will be given during the official dinner, on Saturday 9 November. At least one representative of each finalist poster must attend to the event. Those participants without ticket must contact the Technical Secretary.


Thematic areas

  • Cannabis and other addictive substances from a comprehensive perspective
  • Cannabis and mental health
  • Cannabis and paradigms in prevention
  • Therapeutic cannabis
  • Cannabis and tobacco
  • Cannabis, public policies and cooperation with society
  • Cannabis and harm reduction


Abstract submission: deadline SEPTEMBER 30, 2019

Abstract submission concerning oral presentations and posters will be strictly carried out via this website. Abstracts submitted by other means will not be accepted.

Presentations will be on paper or poster (according to author preferences and following the decision of the Scientific Committee) and will be made during the Conference


Instructions for submission:

  • Download the template(libreoffice format), CLICK HERE
  • Fill in the document, following the instructions (see below).
  • Save the text document in PDF format with the full name of the first author.
  • Send it as attached file to the e-mail of the Conference (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Instructions for abstract submission about oral presentations and posters

  1. Only PDF format files will be accepted.
  2. The title must contain the content of the abstract.
  3. Once the abstract is sent it cannot be modified. Please confirm, apart from the text, if the order and number of presenting authors are correct.
  4. Abstracts must describe succinctly the objectives and results of the researches, so that people in charge of its revision can easily asses the quality, originality, understandability and importance. Each abstract must include: (a) an introductory sentence indicating the objectives of the research; (b) a brief description of the methods employed in the study; (c) a summary of results; and (d) a sentence regarding the conclusions of the research
  5. The length of the abstract must not be more than 500 words, excluding the title, list of authors and institutions. Forms, graphics, images or charts must not be included in the abstract.
  6. Every author must express any real or potential conflict of interest directly related with the contents of the abstracts. In case there is no potential conflict, it also has to be pointed out.
  7. The accuracy of presented contents is the sole responsibility of the authors. If an abstract contains mistakes, these will probably appear also on the printed text. It is useful to prepare, review and save a copy of the abstracts before the submission.
  8. A notification of receipt will be sent after the submission of the abstract..
  9. Every person who will deliver an oral presentation or poster must be registered in the Conference. Otherwise the abstract will be withdrawn even if it was previously accepted.
  10. Authors: a maximum of 5 per presentation/poster and 3 presentations/posters per author.



Each congressman may vote for his favorite COMMUNICATION (one vote per assistant). The three most voted communications will receive a prize of 200, 150 and 125 euros respectively (less legal retentions).

Each congressman may vote for his favorite POSTER (one vote per assistant). The three most voted posters will get a prize of 150, 125 and 100 euros respectively (less legal retentions).